Your Dog Can Enjoy Easter Too!

As Easter comes around each year, we all start stocking up on our chocolate eggs and bunny decorations ready for a long weekend of fun and excitement, but let’s not forget about our pooches over Easter! There are some fun activities they can be involved in too, whilst also keeping it safe to do so. Check out our handy hints below to see how you can involve your pooch in the Easter holiday fun! 

Have a hunt, minus the chocolate!

We all know the best thing about Easter is waking up early in the morning and having an Easter egg hunt, running around with our baskets and filling them up as we find each little egg hidden by the “Easter Bunny”. As we know, dogs love to use their little sniffers to find all sorts of smells and objects wherever they go, so why not put it to work and let them have their very own Easter hunt? You could involve your dog in the Easter fun by hiding dog-friendly treats or objects around your house for your dog to sniff out and find on Easter morning! This can also help tire them out if you have lots of family joining you for the day.   

Easter treats, just for your pooch 

While we’re all snacking on our chocolate Easter eggs and baked goods, your dog could be enjoying an Easter treat too! There are some dog-friendly “chocolates” available made from carob, however if you wish to give them a healthier treat, you could give them a nice, crunchy carrot to chew on – just like the Easter Bunny would! Carrots are a great way to keep your dog occupied, as well as providing them with a source of vitamins A and C, potassium, fibre and best of all, they are really low-calorie snacks! And of course, they wouldn’t want to miss their daily WHIMZEES dental treats over the Easter long weekend! 

My dog ate some chocolate, what do I do? 

If your pooch has managed to sneak some Easter chocolates, please call your local veterinary clinic immediately. It is a good idea to have a clinic’s number handy prior to the Easter holidays, as well as researching who will be open over the Easter long weekend, to save yourself searching in a hurry. Be sure to keep chocolate well out of your dog’s reach to avoid any unfortunate events! 

Some other Easter goodies to avoid 

As well as chocolate, there are some other Easter goodies that can cause toxicities or problems with your pooch’s health. Here’s our list of some other common items to avoid over Easter: 

Xylitol – an artificial sweetener used in many sugar-free gums, lollies, baked goods and even mouthwash. Be aware of any lollies or foods that may contain xylitol and contact your vet immediately if your pet has ingested any.  

Easter Decorations – Easter basket fillers, plastic Easter grass, plastic eggs, foil wrapping and Easter toys are very enticing for pets to chew on. These decorations, if ingested in large quantities, can result in serious health problems such as obstruction, gastroenteritis (upset tummy), and pancreatitis. Be sure to keep the Easter baskets and decorations far out of your dog’s reach. 

Fatty Foods – Fatty Foods such as ham, lamb and pork are often served at Easter lunches and dinners but be careful with allowing your pooch to eat these Easter delights. These fatty foods can cause problems such as stomach upsets or even worse, pancreatitis, resulting in pain, vomiting and dehydration.  

Hot Cross Buns – We all love a good hot cross bun over the Easter weekend and we’re sure your pooch would love to join in on the tradition too although most hot cross buns contain dried fruits, such as raisins. Raisins, grapes and sultanas are very toxic to dogs so it would be safest to keep the hot cross bun tradition to the humans and keep your dog occupied with a WHIMZEES treat instead! If your dog ingests anything containing these fruits, contact your local veterinary clinic immediately.

Most of all, have fun! 

As well as being cautious about what your pooch ingests over the Easter holidays, be sure to sit back, relax and enjoy your Easter fun! Treat your pooch to a WHIMZEES Dental Chew this Easter to ensure they’re involved in all of the fun too.  

Happy Easter!