10 Reasons Puppies are the Best

You love to cuddle with them. They never want to leave your side. There are so many reasons the world loves puppies – and none of them are wrong! – but here are 10 reasons why puppies are the best.

1. They make us smile and laugh

After a long day of work or just life in general, watching your puppy run and skid across the floor can put a smile on your face. Puppies are great little stress relievers and watching them experience the world around them is fun for everyone.

2. They show us appreciation

Whether that’s from playing with them, giving them their dinner, or giving  your puppy a treat ‘just because,’ having a puppy snuggle up against you to thank you is one of the sweetest acts our dogs bestow on us.

3. They give you kisses as often as they can

Nothing says, ‘I love you,’ like a puppy licking your face. And since puppy breath can occasionally use some freshening up, we suggest WHIMZEES puppy chews as a daily breath freshening treat they’ll gobble up.

4. They keep us active

Your puppy probably needs to get a lot of energy out through walks, playtime and chasing her around that house. All of that moving on your part adds up to extra steps and exercise you might not have gotten otherwise.

5. They love to play

It may have been a few years since you played with toys as an adult but once you break out a ball, chew toy, plush animal or another puppy toy, you’ll have so much fun with them that you’ll feel like a kid again. Shopping for dog toys at the store is also ridiculously fun!

6. They’ll turn strangers into friends

When you take a puppy on a walk, you’re sure to get stopped along the way by strangers, neighbours and even people driving by who want to know how old she is, her breed or to just ooh and aah over her. As many dog owners know, neighbors might get to know you as “Spot’s mom” or “Spot’s dad” and wave when they see you.

7. They love to explore

When you’re taking that puppy on a walk, you’ll probably find that there’s a lot more stopping, sniffing and nibbling than walking. That’s because your pup loves to explore new smells and objects! That flower bush you’ve walked by many times before is now a source of interest and fun for her. A bird on a lawn is something to chase and that string on the ground is a new toy!

8. They want to cuddle

Even the biggest grumps out there find it hard to resist a puppy who jumps up to sit on their lap or who rolls over near them for belly rubs. Puppies just want attention and love – and who are we to deny it to them?

9. They’ll follow you everywhere

Taking laundry to the basement? You’ll have a friend tag along with you. Going to the kitchen to cook a meal? Someone else wants to know what you’re up to. Heading to bed? They want to see if they can come, too. Puppies are a great cure for loneliness and it’s always amusing to watch a puppy follow their owner around their home.

10. They keep us healthy!

Some studies have found that petting a dog has immune system benefits, while other research finds that having a dog can be good for heart health, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as helping to improve one’s self esteem.

Want to feel like you’re the most important person in the world? Leave your puppy for an hour and then return home. That excitement to see you and greeting alone always makes having a puppy worth it.