Dental Care in Pups

Teething in dogs is a process that occurs remarkably rapidly in pups compared with human children – far more so than most pet owners would appreciate.

Just like human babies, puppies are born with no teeth!  Their temporary, or ‘milk’ teeth start to erupt between 2-6 weeks of age. There are 28 milk teeth, which are designed for tearing, so are sharp, needle-like and quite brittle – they are not designed for long-term ‘wear and tear’, as they are not intended to be in the pup’s mouth for long. These milk teeth start to fall out between just 3-4 months of age.

The milk teeth are replaced with permanent teeth, which start to erupt shortly after the milk teeth fall out, starting as early as 3 months of age. All 42 permanent teeth have usually appeared by the time a pup is about 7 months of age. The permanent teeth are sturdy and strong, designed for tearing, puncturing, chewing and grinding as they are intended to last for the lifetime of the dog.  But often times dental disease gets in the way….

In terms of tooth development, a 3-month-old puppy is the equivalent of a 4-year-old child.  By 6 months, a pup is the equivalent of a 7½-year-old child and by 9 months, a pup is the equivalent of an 11-year-old child in terms of dentition!

Just like teething in dogs, the development of dental disease is also a process that occurs remarkably rapidly, again far more so than many pet owners would appreciate. Within just 24 hours, plaque can start to develop on teeth and tartar within 7 days, so starting daily dental care early in a pup’s life is vital for long-term dental health: ideally as soon as their adult teeth are erupting. It has been found that starting preventative dental care early in a dog’s life may help reduce the frequency and severity of dental disease later in their life (Dupont, 1998). 

Due to the brittle nature of milk teeth and the firm structure of most dental chews, most products are not recommended to be used in pups younger than six months to limit the risk of damaging the puppy’s milk teeth and interfering with the development of their new adult teeth. WHIMZEES Puppy chews are softer dental chews specially designed for young teeth and sensitive gums with increased calcium to help support the development of strong teeth and bones. WHIMZEES Puppy chews are the perfect solution for pups from 3 months of age. They can be used to help to soothe teething discomfort and promote appropriate chewing during this time. WHIMZEES Puppy dental chews enable your puppy to ‘brush’ daily, just like the rest of the family and start to develop the daily dental habit early in life, preparing them for a lifelong routine of dental care.

WHIMZEES Puppy chews are all-natural and free from grains, gluten, GMOs, and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They are made from just six vegetarian primary ingredients, making them hypoallergenic and suitable for even sensitive developing tummies. The WHIMZEES puppy range is also bolstered by calcium levels of 0.25% to help promote healthy growth and development of your puppy’s teeth and bones.

WHIMZEES Puppy chews are available in two adorable but functional shapes that help puppies get a good grip on the dental chews with their little paws and teeth. The unique teddy bear and rubber ducky shapes are elongated sticks with grooves all the way along the dental treat that helps to clean all around and in between the teeth as your puppy chews, including reaching their molars and premolars down the back!

WHIMZEES Puppy chews are available in two sizes to suit puppies from toy to small (the XS/S chew) and medium to large (the M/L chew), to cover a wide range of breeds. The WHIMZEES puppy range is an all-around great way to keep your puppy’s dental health intact, relieve pain caused by teething, promote appropriate chewing during development and get them started on an easy yet effective dental health regime and build healthy habits for life.